Tricky photo shoots in Central London

I never thought it can be so difficult to shoot in Central London where you see so many tourists with their cameras everyday. Our photo course team was asked to stop taking pics by the security guys several times.. just because.. we looked like professional photographers .. because.. we had reflectors with us! Lol! You can have a camera for thousands of pounds and you can shoot easily but when you take out a reflector for 10 quid – this is serious man.. You go to a different place, somewhere quiet and after a while a security guy pops out of nowhere and says the same story – it is not allowed …common! That was strange. However we had some nice pics taken. Thanks to our teacher Tomas Brazinskas, models Giedre and Estela and our team, that was a great Saturday afternoon 😉 The first model we got was a nice girl Giedre and these are some moments from her photo shoot.


IMG_7572 copy-2

IMG_7578 copy-2IMG_7564 copy-2


IMG_7582 copy-2 IMG_7596






Sea of blossoms

Today we had this wonderful chance to get to the same place I was a week ago. I was so amazed by this little park that I wanted to come back here with my camera and a beautiful girl. And here we are. Blossoms all around, pink and white … you reach a branch and they start to snow all over you! This is a must-to experience minimum once in your life. Here are couple of moments from this photo session. Keep an eye on this blog for more coming soon 😉