The first exhibition I am in – “Woman in M.E.”, London

I am so happy to take part in Woman In M.E. exhibition on 29th May! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. My friend is an inspirational personality, woman, mother.. Her photo will be there  I wrote about her in my blog: 

She came to me all the way from Lithuania with her son who is also a part of our picture which will be there, on the wall and we are all excited as it is in two days. The picture will be revealed after the opening of the exhibition. Visit my Facebook page to get the latest updates.


The strongest person I know

I met her in a nursery.. we went together to school but started to spend more time together just in the last grades.  She is unique, I always admired her and learned “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE” from her. She was and still is a perfect example of positive thinking, I had to learn it and she had it naturally. In my early youth years I  started to learn from her to be spontaneous, to express even the craziest thoughts, to enjoy life how it is at that moment, not to try to be perfect for everybody.. and I’m still learning. I always thought – how come she is SO strong when she has this illness and I am so week though I’m not ill.. God really sends angels to this life – living angels amongst us. I am so grateful we can travel this life together even though a thousand miles apart. It’s a pity that our children cannot play together so often and we cannot have those wonderful conversations so often but.. she keeps encouraging me even without saying anything. She started to compose music and lyrics herself, and sing not so long ago.  I was shocked when I heard what she can do.. I cried .. and felt so touched..She started playing the piano and dance after so many eyes’ surgeries, her sight got much worse after she had her son, to say the least.. But she always said – he is a miracle! God can do miracles! God bless her and her family. Love her and miss her so much. Her singing poetry drifts me somewhere far away and usually I cry when I listen to them or quietly smile – it is so meaningful. For me at least.. With her permission I’m sharing one of her songs. Though it’s in Lithuanian I think you can still feel it. Feel free to share if you like it 😉

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Daughters of the forest

I came back…from an unbelievable holidays.. They started on the 31st  of July and were full of joy, excitement, new ideas and experience. I came back with a full pack of photos.. I’ll savor them and  bring them to life bit by bit until Christmas comes, I think 🙂 So, the journey began in Norway – a country of beautiful nature, mountains and crystal clear lakes.. that was the first impression.  I had pleasure to visit my hubby’s sister and her family there. Daughters of the forest – I’d like to call them.. And what an amazing hair – God’s gift! I’m jealous 🙂 Follow my blog (or like my page on Facebook) to see  what happened in a lake there next.

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A bride or an angel?

It all started from a dress.. white, sturdy sheeny bottom part and light and sheer pursed top part with laces and ribbons..Well, I have to say, when I saw this vintage dress in a boot sale – I just grabbed it and already had a vision of a photo shoot, and not long after a girl came to me and said that she wanted a photo session :)) she was just perfect, a vision obtained a form..that’s how Higher Power works for me 🙂 just trust it and everything goes easy peasy.  I still wonder is it a wedding or the Holy Sacrament dress? …anybody has a clue? Anyway.. it’s gorgeous, just like the woman wearing it. The shoot was exciting as well, we had music and lots of fun in this mysterious place where you can hardly see the end of a tree tunnel. The light was changing so fast, from dim to bright and even bursting red through little gaps between the leaves. So.. I’m looking at her and thinking – is she a bride still waiting.. ? Or an angel, just landed from above?..

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Embodiment of femininity

I am really blessed to meet so many interesting and beautiful people in my way of life.  Most of them – I would never thought I would have friendships with and this is amazing. I am so grateful for that! One of them is my soul mate I met a couple of years ago – Zita. She’s a charismatic woman,  a little more than 20 years wiser than me,  sometimes a chatterbox,  sometimes a loving friend,  always smiling and infecting with her laugh 😀 The last time I visited her in Cork (Ireland) I thought I would gain a six pack just being with her 🙂 No kidding, I was laughing almost all 4 days..  As you can expect from a Gemini – she’s a master of being everywhere at the same time as well!  And I wish I could look so amazing when I’ll be her age. I took one picture describing our friendship and personalities (me on the left of course 😀 ): 


and of course I couldn’t resist to capture her great personality and femininity on my camera. Thanks for being my friend 

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