Embodiment of femininity

I am really blessed to meet so many interesting and beautiful people in my way of life.  Most of them – I would never thought I would have friendships with and this is amazing. I am so grateful for that! One of them is my soul mate I met a couple of years ago – Zita. She’s a charismatic woman,  a little more than 20 years wiser than me,  sometimes a chatterbox,  sometimes a loving friend,  always smiling and infecting with her laugh 😀 The last time I visited her in Cork (Ireland) I thought I would gain a six pack just being with her 🙂 No kidding, I was laughing almost all 4 days..  As you can expect from a Gemini – she’s a master of being everywhere at the same time as well!  And I wish I could look so amazing when I’ll be her age. I took one picture describing our friendship and personalities (me on the left of course 😀 ): 


and of course I couldn’t resist to capture her great personality and femininity on my camera. Thanks for being my friend 

IMG_6985 IMG_7013 IMG_7030-Edit IMG_7043-Edit IMG_7044-Edit-3 IMG_7067-Edit IMG_7087-Edit IMG_7101-Edit IMG_7118-Edit IMG_7131-Edit IMG_7241-Edit IMG_7258-Edit IMG_7287-Edit


Summer! Where are you??

Oh I miss hot days so much.. I thought spring came but only for couple of days.. It’s chilly again. Only the blooms show that it’s not that long to wait..and I wait. I loiter about the old photos and here I found some sandy and windy ones from Camber Sand 

IMG_7754 copy IMG_7772 copy IMG_7880-Edit

Sandra ❤

Another lucky winner of free mini photo shoot! – Sandra, and her handsome young gentleman – Joris 🙂 and a very smart one as a matter of fact! He must be a basketball fan because having a bauble in his hand he didn’t take long and found a basket – my laundry rack 😀 That was amazing .. After I did Sandra a hairdo and a make up we got out in a park and spend chilly but lovely afternoon together  

Before photo

One sunny Sunday

At last we had a very nice weather today. I thought we would have rain on all upcoming weekends. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning – and I see the sun! I couldn’t wait for this photo shoot. It  was my pleasure to spend some time with this beautiful family. Surprisingly, not only the girls let me do the plaiting and hairdos but also their mum! So much patience, I’m amazed ✿ Thank you so much for your warmth and smiles ♥ one of these precious moments..

Curly Red Beauty

Not the warmest morning in London.. but minute after minute and there it is – a new day! Shiny dew and a taste of fog, an amazing young lady with a bit of attitude and a really nice time spent together. Funny.. she predicted my reflector would fall down into water, yep..twice 😀 And I thought I would find leaves, it meant to be the autumn’s shoot but.. couldn’t find much 🙂  It’s early yet. Anyway, I just love my model’s hair, eyes and a smile  They can light up every foggy day. Thank you!

Model: Auguste. Make-up: by me. Hair: by mother nature and a little bit by me 🙂 Time: early Saturday morning .