PHOTO BLITZ – World’s First, One-of-a-kind Event

300Today I had the most incredible opportunity to take part in this event. I will try to describe it from my point of view.  PHOTO BLITZ was a unique event for photographers, their assistants,  models, make-up artists and stylists to CREATE something that you cannot express with words. It was really mind blowing: you had to be quick, you had to challenge yourself in all ways. I was so unorganized that my assistant got lost on her way to the event, I got a last-minute nanny for my kids (oh, thank you Kathleen!), I thought I’d have a car but had to use public transport, so we were late.. all my fault.. but lucky for us we were not the only ones and started with everybody else. What happened after the first whistle – is a pure HISTORY now. I doubt that you would be able to experience more photography in one day. Ever. So, it took place in Hainault Forest, London (UK). It was organized by Brazzi Photostudio. A HUGE thanks to them 😉 I cannot imagine I could ever miss such an opportunity.  I believe it’s just the beginning.  Their ideas are awesome and I like the fact that they are open to everybody – not just a funky photographer with a stunning portfolio but also for someone like me – just dreaming about a professional photography and surely lacking a bit of a confidence (and practice of course!). AND for someone who’s maybe just started or is not sure about the start :). I appreciate smooth and benevolent communication from organizers’ side.  Ok. So, imagine, you stand in a line with other photographers, the models stand all in one line in front of you, you listen carefully for the instructions, 10 seconds to get ready, and – whistle – GO! You grab the model in front of you and run! Or go.. 😀 You pick a place, maybe a tree, a road, a creek, bushes – and start shooting. My assistant Auguste was sooo helpful. She helped me with light,  hair, other things. That was her second time as an assistant and she is getting everything already. I’m so glad she was there with me  . So you have ONLY 8 minutes before you hear the first whistle. Then you have a minute to finish your shoot and a minute to come back. Most of the time I was running back because I just couldn’t get enough of the ideas and it was a pity to leave them that way but I would get a penalty point if I was late. 10 minutes for one model. And you know? It’s amazing what you can do! It’s really like brainstorming. I had more ideas during all this event then I had in the past half a year, I think. Now I see visions for my other shoots. I know what I would do better, what else  I would use, where I would go, how I would interact with the model. It’s just amazing! There were around 20 models and I knew only one of them so it was really challenging. Firstly because you don’t have time to pre-communicate, to warm-up, to get ready.. you have to ACT here and now! Of course, the models were so helpful and most of them didn’t mind to kneel, to lay down or even grab a spiky branch, there were even falls..but ended up happily, thanks God. They dressed up as they wanted, so you didn’t have a say here – you had to take what you had and create something right away in 10 minutes time. Then you come back to where you started and get another model, and the whistle goes again.. During a 4 hour event there were only 30 minutes, divided into two breaks and a minute or so between every shoot. I had some things that I wanted to use in my shoots but I didn’t have a vision until I saw some models, they were just right for my ideas. I’m not afraid of a result – I know – I did my best and even more. I had to remember myself that it is the process that matters and it is really fun! I don’t care about the prizes. No prize will be worth what I brought home – memories, practice, some more confidence, new and future friends and I believe – a stack of awesome pics.  However, I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, especially when I had to SAY what I wanted and how I wanted it to a person I’ve just met. I counted 14 different models who were there in front of my camera, 2 of them were men.  I admit, I have hard times with men model 😀 and why am I so small after all…? Most of the women where also much higher then me. I saw someone using the ladder – this is a great idea if you have the power to carry it along.  So after 4 hours I was exhausted,  sweaty, out of breath, with some bruises on my legs, arms, BUT HAPPY. I never dreamed about something like that and I encourage everybody – step out of your comfort zone, start doing something you would never do, something you were told you would never do or something you could never imagine you CAN do. This is CREATION, just like raising a child – you do your best and you never know the result, and if your Higher Power  gave you mind and soul not for this purpose -THEN WHAT FOR?

Stay tuned for any updates and photos from this tournament. 

Sincerely yours, Ausra Marcinkus Photography.

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Upcoming event – PHOTO BLITZ

I found this exciting opportunity on Facebook the other day.

When? May 18 (Saturday), 2013, 12.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.

Where? London, Hainault Forest

Why? Because there will be photographers, models, make-up artists, and this will be time challenging, mind blowing opportunity for such newbie like me! Hopefully not only me 😉 Anyway they say that this is one-of-a-kind photo event not only in London but also in the whole wide world! 

I’m already in! Want to be part of it? There you can find some more information or write them a PM message for English info 😉

Event hosted by Brazzi Photostudio.

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