The first exhibition I am in – “Woman in M.E.”, London

I am so happy to take part in Woman In M.E. exhibition on 29th May! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. My friend is an inspirational personality, woman, mother.. Her photo will be there  I wrote about her in my blog: 

She came to me all the way from Lithuania with her son who is also a part of our picture which will be there, on the wall and we are all excited as it is in two days. The picture will be revealed after the opening of the exhibition. Visit my Facebook page to get the latest updates.


Our visit to National Portrait Gallery (London, UK)

 I always struggle with blaming myself about not spending more time with my girls, so, this time I just had to force myself to find that time. Saturday was a perfect day for our visit and it was, actually, my first visit to a photo gallery where we saw Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition. Em.. I was excited ’cause it was something really catching and I could really feel what every author wanted to say, I think. Later, when we got home and I went online to watch those photos again – I experienced a strange feeling –  these portraits were like people – I’ve already known from the past.. The exhibition, as you might expect, was a bit boring for my girls but we tried to read as much as we could and talk about things we saw. My younger one had a flyer with some photos in it and she was excited to find all of them on the wall. I really want to encourage my children to look for more diverse things in life, to find a beauty of a moment in them, to observe it and fill it with their presence.  I think, what got me most, was big size portraits –  you can look closely and directly into woman’s or man’s eyes.. and of course – a little story behind the scenes which gives a photo a living experience you can “touch”, which is quite important to me.. So, if you have a chance – simply find time and go there! 

Some facts from online:

“The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 is a unique opportunity to see sixty new portraits by some of the most exciting contemporary photographers from around the world. Through editorial, advertising and fine art prints, the exhibition explores a range of themes, styles and approaches to the photographic portrait, from formal commissioned images of famous faces to more spontaneous and intimate moments capturing friends and family”.

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