Mission – The month without the trousers – accomplished!

That was a very unusual MAY, the month without the trousers but really fun and womanish 🙂 I can truly say that every single day I ACTUALLY WORE that outfit which is in the photo from morning (after sports) till night, not just put it on for the photo. There was only one day when I was not able to wear a dress because I had lots of work outside. I am glad I made it and had lots of support and encouragement. I celebrated 31 May and all my “dressy” month by the beach, swimming with a dress;) Few remarks on this project:

Best part of it:

1. I remembered all women who inspire me the most and wrote why.

2. I looked after myself and felt more confident.

3. I smiled more.

4. I got numerous of compliments

5. I found out that my bum is not that big and it can be hidden in a dress :))

6. I lost few pounds 😉

7. I didn’t have to wear different clothes every day. I used my imagination, changed parts of it.

Worst part of it:

1. Selfies.. that was the worst thing. The most annoying part of the day when I had to take a selfie for the record!

2. Lack of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe.

3. It’s cold.. when it’s cold outside.

4. Photos were made using my phone, apologies for the quality and posing :))

So, here it is – the whole month and you can find all my photos HERE

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