Sandra ❤

Another lucky winner of free mini photo shoot! – Sandra, and her handsome young gentleman – Joris 🙂 and a very smart one as a matter of fact! He must be a basketball fan because having a bauble in his hand he didn’t take long and found a basket – my laundry rack 😀 That was amazing .. After I did Sandra a hairdo and a make up we got out in a park and spend chilly but lovely afternoon together  

Before photo


Get a FREE mini photo session!

As I promised – it’s time for some exciting experience and  I hope you gonna like it 

I am offering you OR your child to have a mini photo session with hair and/or  make up done for FREE! 

Under these 3 simple conditions:

1. You’ll let me experiment with your or your child’s hair and the make up or a little of face painting if it is a child 😉 Nothing extreme, no cutting or coloring (unless you want it 🙂 just a fun time for a little makeover!

2. You’ll be able to come to my house (in East London)  and won’t mind a company of my two little girls 🙂

3. You’ll want to have a mini shoot outside 🙂 It will take about half an hour, maybe in a park, playground or anywhere else. The result will be – a great time spent together and 20 ready to print photos. If you like it I’ll give a special offer for a nice photo book 😉

All you have to do – is send me ( your or your child’s photo where I could see the length of the hair by the end of 11 November. I will post the photos HERE and you, your friends and your family will be able to vote for them and maximize your chance to win your free mini makeover photo shoot!

There will be three lucky winners: two of them will be the most “liked” and one I will choose myself. There are going to be three more bright and fun days this Autumn! Hope to see you soon! 😉 

You can have a look at a very tiny part of my experiments HERE.

Lithuanian plaiting school

Thanks to my daughter’s teacher (btw she is the friendliest teacher I’ve ever met), I didn’t have to think a lot about the header of this post :). The other day when I took my girls from school she asked me – what happened to Lithuanian plaiting school?.. ’cause their hair were a bit messy and usually I plait them every day in the morning. Yes, it gets a bit boring sometimes, that’s why I do different styles. Most of them you will not see in these pictures because I just don’t have time to take them (morning, rush..) but I’ll show you some. Eventually I  started to notice that I like it a LOT. Not only plaiting, I just like to be creative on one’s head.  It all started a long time ago. I remember doing my niece’s hair as a baby and now she’s 16.. Some people ask me where I learnt it. Of course – I finished Lithuanian plaiting school! 😀 …I don’t remember, actually, I guess my mom taught me, but now you can find all kinds of tutorials online. Oh, and I like experimenting with make-up (though I can be without it for days myself 😛 ) or face painting as well 🙂  Mhm.. I should think about my make-up and hair dos portfolio, maybe 🙂 Because at the moment most of the photos were taken just for the fact that I did it, not really artistic ones 🙂 Want to be my model? I’ve got some exciting news to come! Stay with me 😉

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