Perfect imperfections

A daughter is a beautiful reflection of God’s love    And it’s everlasting.

My daughters will always be perfect for me with all of their perfect imperfections.   

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Photo by Ausra Marcinkus Photography

More photos of my little one’s are here.



First ever event in Norway – Miss Vestfold Lithuanian Beauty

At the beginning I would like to thank my dearest friend Ilona (IS STUDIO) who set off a sparkle to this event and was one of its organizators along with the VLB. She is an amazing person not talking about her professional hairdresser’s skills and attitude. She is the example of the I-CAN-DO-IT woman and I love her so much  .. So… it all started from Ilona’s thought to make a photo session of her and some girls who could present her unique hair styles and hair dos…she said “Ausra, come visit me, I’ve missed you so much…” and just look how far it got!  Miss Vestfold Lithuanian Beauty contest… So many people got involved and of course – a big thanks to all of them.  This event took place in Sandefjord, Norway, October 5, 2013.  A big and spacious cinema building was almost full of curious audience which later on appeared to be a friendly and warm one to all of the performers. The beautilicious contestants were brought to the event by the charming boys on their motorbikes. Later on the girls performed a dance on stage, talked about themselves, demonstrated evening gowns and wedding dresses and looked awesomely stunning ..believe me – Lithuanian girls ARE beautiful inside out. I was in the back stage. I  saw them excited and not so much, determined and scared, happy and nervous, lost and found.. but they always looked beautiful and were nice and friendly to each other 😉 Besides the beauty contest, Ensemble di nuovo choir,Muna dance and Lithuanian singer’s Mindaugas Mickevicius -Mino live performances fired up the show for sure.  My colleague Liudas Masys and I had a great time capturing the moments. It’s not a secret that a hairstyle show, held by Ilona and her team, was my favorite. I saw all the preparations and hard work put into it. There were two handsome men with their hair dyed in bright red, white and black colors, ’cause these were the core colors of IS Studio run by Ilona. And there were 4 lovely ladies with elegant, provocative and high-tuned hair dos filled with flowers or even chilly peppers. It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination , Ilona! 😉 Loved it to bits. These photos will come later. Oh, you should have seen kids’ hairstyles show! Cuty cuties.. they just bribed the audience.  The final chord sounded out loudly when a beauty princess crown laid down onto Evelina Janulionyte’s head who appeared to be the Miss Public as well. I loved what the event host said – “all of you ladies on stage are the winners because you are here, not there” – pointing to the audience 🙂 But really, when I think, it took courage to get here, especially when this was the first Lithuanian beauty contest in Norway and not many expected such a joyful and interesting event. Well done to you all! I didn’t do a thing to make this evening happen and that is why I am grateful and happy about everything.  A veryyyyy tiny bit of photos are here… looking forward to get back to London to finish and present the rest ones as this beautiful country has a strange feature – you come, you forget the internet, you “get lost” and you love it 😉 With love.. Ausra.

IMG_5217 IMG_5225 IMG_5236 IMG_5263 IMG_5275 IMG_5282 IMG_5293 IMG_5300 IMG_5321 IMG_5333 IMG_5364 IMG_5367 IMG_5376 IMG_5424 IMG_5478 IMG_5481 IMG_5486 IMG_5491 IMG_5555 IMG_5610 IMG_5624 IMG_5665