2014 Classic London Photowalk

Come along if you feel … spring is in the air… nothing too complicated.. just easy walking and having a great time. This walk started at Trafalgar square and bloomed at Classic Car Boot Sale where we had an opportunity to feel the 50’s and 60’s spirit, vintage clothes, cars…loved it to bits. Great time spent with my daughters. The pictures were taken by my daughters and me.Thanks to the organizers of https://www.facebook.com/groups/londonphotowalk/

This one was taken by my 8-year-old daughter Auguste. We were lucky to catch the new weds 🙂 More photos are here.



School’s over. Award time!

Today was the last day at school. My girls are the best. I am so proud of them! I was never that good at school, well, we never had any rewards at school after all.. I am not surprised I didn’t have much motivation to do better. My daughters are the ones to follow – they’re good at maths and science, they speak, write and read in two languages, and English – probably already better than me 😉 they LOVE to read, their writing is just awesome – for example  Auguste (my older one 7y.) writes what she learned at school: “Exaggerate – if you exaggerate , you say that something is bigger or better than it really is”… and so on.. I’m like..O M G.  And my younger one – Skirmante (6y.) got an invitation to her classmate’s birthday party and she wrote a message back to her: ” Sorry, I cannot come because I will go to Lithuania”..  So, last year she was the one to take the Pupil’s of the year award and this year our Auguste got it! I am not e-x-a-g-g-e-r-a-t-i-n-g – they ARE the best! I am so happy they love to learn and they have such great teachers Miss Gill and Mrs Walker, who supported them so much, Mrs Clancy from the last year – she still makes my girls smile and is a super warm person. I know how important is to like a teacher, then you like the subject and the school! Well, one of the main reasons I went to UNI to study Biology  was that I liked my biology teacher and I liked biology and the teacher’s approach to it  😉 So – a huge thank you to all the teachers and school workers who made school a lovable place ❤  My girls and I wanted to make something special on this occasion so we spent all evening making one of Lithuanian traditional desserts  – The Anthill! It’s not so complicated as it seems but it requires lots of time.. especially when you make it for the first time 😀 (my mum is way better than me). I could post a whole post about making it from literally beating the dough to open fire burning honey on the gas stove… 😀 yes, it’s that adventurous! If you’d fancy a recipe drop me a note 😉 And now – let the summer holidays begin!

IMG_14661 copy



IMG_0342 IMG_0407 IMG_0422-Edit IMG_0431-Edit IMG_0432-Edit



Snowy moods

At last we got to see some snow here in London. It’s funny to watch people not ready for it at all. Well, I remember it used to be a long winter back there in Vilnius. I miss it so much sometimes.  We were excited to have a bit of it here. But all the happiness about snow goes off when I get into the car.. Anyway, lots of fun for my girls guaranteed and when I look through the window, watch snowflakes slowly falling down – it just gets me. I remember home and it’s warm, safe and a bit blue inside.  

IMG_4075 IMG_4065 IMG_4059-2

And in the morning my girls made a snowman themselves. They used everything they found in a garden not asking for any ideas 🙂

IMG_2406 IMG_2411

He says – what’s up man? 😀

IMG_2409IMG_2493 IMG_2437 IMG_2445 IMG_2485

Victorian Schoolgirl

This is a story how Auguste turned into Evie – a Victorian Schoolgirl. Our lovely school gave us a homework which turned out to be very exciting for all of us. As always it was done the night before the right day. So, I had to start from scratch and to find a way to get my daughter a costume of a schoolgirl of Victorian Era… I started online, of course, and got my first idea here. Then I remembered that my husband has an old shirt of that dark blue color, so I used it for a dress, and I used two old under skirts of my girls’ dresses for an apron. My advice – never throw away some nice materials 😉 I am not much of a seamstress but from time to time I make something. It took a while to get friendly with that sewing machine again but after about two hours it came out better than I thought. But that was after we had to get ready Auguste’s hair for a Victorian hairdo. I don’t have any roll-ups so I  had to make them and then I found in my crafts box some leftovers from some project I never finished.. 😛 These were some tubes made of magazines, rolled and glued and they worked perfectly for the roll-ups! I cut both ends a little bit so I could put a rubber band over it and it worked. And there I was – sitting and looking at my daughter’s first “roll-up” hairdo and thought – and this is how it starts.. She was so keen to see the result I didn’t have to tell anything about going-to-sleep routine – it was done quickly and quietly 🙂 In the morning  we woke up earlier. The hairdo turned out to be awesome, the “costume”  fit her perfectly and she was jumping out of joy. I cannot mention the fact that the teachers at school were amazing – dressed as Victorian teachers with canes in their hands, shouting nervously to come in.. This was fun. Auguste came back from school with her new name – Evie and she didn’t let me touch her hair for three days :)) 

Sandra ❤

Another lucky winner of free mini photo shoot! – Sandra, and her handsome young gentleman – Joris 🙂 and a very smart one as a matter of fact! He must be a basketball fan because having a bauble in his hand he didn’t take long and found a basket – my laundry rack 😀 That was amazing .. After I did Sandra a hairdo and a make up we got out in a park and spend chilly but lovely afternoon together  

Before photo

One sunny Sunday

At last we had a very nice weather today. I thought we would have rain on all upcoming weekends. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning – and I see the sun! I couldn’t wait for this photo shoot. It  was my pleasure to spend some time with this beautiful family. Surprisingly, not only the girls let me do the plaiting and hairdos but also their mum! So much patience, I’m amazed ✿ Thank you so much for your warmth and smiles ♥ one of these precious moments..

Get a FREE mini photo session!

As I promised – it’s time for some exciting experience and  I hope you gonna like it 

I am offering you OR your child to have a mini photo session with hair and/or  make up done for FREE! 

Under these 3 simple conditions:

1. You’ll let me experiment with your or your child’s hair and the make up or a little of face painting if it is a child 😉 Nothing extreme, no cutting or coloring (unless you want it 🙂 just a fun time for a little makeover!

2. You’ll be able to come to my house (in East London)  and won’t mind a company of my two little girls 🙂

3. You’ll want to have a mini shoot outside 🙂 It will take about half an hour, maybe in a park, playground or anywhere else. The result will be – a great time spent together and 20 ready to print photos. If you like it I’ll give a special offer for a nice photo book 😉

All you have to do – is send me (a@moophoto.co.uk) your or your child’s photo where I could see the length of the hair by the end of 11 November. I will post the photos HERE and you, your friends and your family will be able to vote for them and maximize your chance to win your free mini makeover photo shoot!

There will be three lucky winners: two of them will be the most “liked” and one I will choose myself. There are going to be three more bright and fun days this Autumn! Hope to see you soon! 😉 

You can have a look at a very tiny part of my experiments HERE.