Skeleton story

My younger daughter (5y) says with tears in her eyes:

– I never get any rainbow points at school because I don’t know anything about Skeleton.. 😦

It was so sad I just had to do something and quickly. Well, it didn’t turn out to be so quick because I had to use what we had in our “leftovers” box, I  had to look for the names of bones myself 🙂 oh boy, some of them sound very strange in English 🙂 .. We searched online, learned, constructed carefully, bones, joints, and he came alive!  Pretty awesome model he was. Though he couldn’t move himself (he had no muscles you know..) but he had a very good heart and when I was kissing my daughter goodnight she told me:

– You know mummy, I love him.. 

And it was worth everything. We named him – The Recycled Skeleton 🙂 Don’t you think he’s got something?


We’ve got a wobbly tooth!

That’s just amazing! I never thought I will ever be so happy about that. Well, lucky it’s not me 😀 My 6-year-old daughter told me she had a wobbly tooth just before going to sleep and it was so exciting.. and sooo cute  A new stage of a childhood.  She seems to be a bit confused and happy because I was so popping out of joy 🙂 I don’t remember this from my childhood, how I felt, do you?