Halloween, mad pumpkin and falling webs

Oh I tried to be prepared for it but it turned out as always. I had to think about the most important things – the costumes at the beginning but I did it at the very end and used what I had and I had almost.. nothing.. 🙂 But I baked spider webs, spookies (cookies), bloody muffins, tried to make ghosts from marshmallows but I’ve burned them 😀 In the evening I found a dead man’s fingers in our milk, what the??… Then something strange happened – our pumpkin lost his temper and tried to gobble the Sharon fruit .. My little witch and a skeleton ran around trying to get all the spider webs down and as they were not so perfect (the spiderwebs of course:)), they fell down unexpectedly and were eaten at once, not only the webs.. Everyone who came into our door never were the same again.. Later we had a guest – fairly alive but still breathing and we went outside looking for some flesh..oooo.. ☿

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Extraordinary jelly ✿

I saw this idea somewhere on the net. So, you will need a packet of jelly and freshly squeezed oranges (juice went into the lunch boxes..:). Prepare the jelly as it says on the packet and fill the orange halves with this liquid, pop into the fridge and after few hours it’s ready. They can become boats .. or amazing cloves! Yummy, easy to eat, best of all – no dish washing 😉 Next time I’ll use different colorful jellies. Pretty good idea for kids’ party.



While watching Creative Live almost all day long, I start to notice that I’m getting over-creative already 😀 All thoughts just keep spinning around and it’s a bit too much of information.. so I have to let some of this creativity OUT. Anywhere. This time it was kids’ dinner 😛 What’s this? Santa Rabbits! Yay! 😀

Santa Rabbits