Hairstyles with natural flowers

I wrote about this hairstyle show here. I took some time to capture these wonderful creations by Ilona (I.S. Studio).  It took her almost all day to make them. The hairdos were made  using purely fresh flowers and only a small part of them went into models’ hair. Oh.. there were so many.. When I look into the photos I want to smell them ..automatically. They looked gorgeous. Agree? Make up by Edita Juozaitienė. Click here to see more photos.



Things we cannot live without

Today I asked my kids (6 and 5-year-olds) a magazine question:

– What are the things a man cannot live without?

<I meant food, water..>

The older one says:

– Home…

The younger one:

– you ..we just can’t live without YOU ♥