New fine art picture ~Dreaming~

When I dream of something sometimes just don’t realize that there are only some steps that need to be taken and I’m there.. 

This picture goes to those people who are still dreaming, ding ding! Wake -up! 😉 This is just a fragment of my picture, the original can be found HERE

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Sugar skull on my face

Thinking about Halloween.. and trying to brighten one dark Saturday evening.. that’s how I went online, Youtubed some tutorials and got all make up stuff out from a lonely, not-touched-for-a-long-time cupboard….and had a great time just for myself (that was a long time ago too…)  So after I turned myself into this sweetie and terrified my husband I went on Photoshop and really enjoyed the process of creating … so this is the result 😉 Happy Halloween!

Oh, and before you go – just had a thought.. if I get 500 likes in Facebook – I’ll post a BEFORE picture which is em…”slightly” different :))