Photo Blitz in action

For those who are interested in Photo Blitz and how it looked like – now thanks to Evaldas Lisauskas, there is a great opportunity to watch it online. You can see me in the first two videos as well. 

I’m @ 1:46

I’m @ 1:47


The results are here! Photos of the Photo Blitz Tournament

Finally, the day has come when all the photos of all photographers were revealed and put on a golden plate for judgement. If you missed my post about the Photo Blitz and what it was all about – you can read about it here. Two weeks – that’s all I had to choose and prepare my photos for the contest and actually it was not enough, I had more visions but … I’ll work on them later 😉 Introducing my photos I would like to say that I was inspired by  Brooke Shaden, when I watched her Fine Art Portraits workshop on Creative Live some time ago.  For sure, I’m into something more than photography and only time and lack of skills stops my imagination to be expressed on-screen or wall, yet 🙂 but I will reach for more.  So, even before taking part in Photo Blitz I knew that I will try “Fine Art” style  and I am happy with my very first results. It’s my first time for God’s sake! I’m excited! 😀 Finally, I was able to take the reality  and create something  that is only in my head and most of all – share it with somebody else. My husband was the first judge and he said he had some creeps at the beginning 🙂 Yes! That’s what I wanted! It took hours and hours of my time but I have no regrets because I had so much fun making these photos.  Couple of them are my favorite and I will definitely print them because you have to zoom them to see some fine details 😉 And yes! I like details! They all mean something, and I like to hide things so they are not so obvious, so take your time and maybe you’ll find something undiscovered 😉

You can VOTE for my photos by clicking LIKE under my all album HERE but first you’ll have to  join the Photo Blitz group in order to do so. The last day to vote is 28 June. There will be prizes for the best of the bests but as one lady posted – the participation in this event is the prize itself! And I agree 😉

OR even more important to me – you can watch my photos at my Facebook page and leave me a comment of what you think of any photo you like or don’t like and why. But what I am interested most is – WHAT DO YOU FEEL, when you look at it? Let me and others know! I would appreciate it so much! And this is only a glimpse of all of them: 


Upcoming event – PHOTO BLITZ

I found this exciting opportunity on Facebook the other day.

When? May 18 (Saturday), 2013, 12.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.

Where? London, Hainault Forest

Why? Because there will be photographers, models, make-up artists, and this will be time challenging, mind blowing opportunity for such newbie like me! Hopefully not only me 😉 Anyway they say that this is one-of-a-kind photo event not only in London but also in the whole wide world! 

I’m already in! Want to be part of it? There you can find some more information or write them a PM message for English info 😉

Event hosted by Brazzi Photostudio.

Amoophoto 5