NEW. Fine Art Picture ~Little heart~

My new picture ~Little heart~ was inspired by the clouds I see every time I travel and the thoughts that I would love to dance on them 😉 This is just a fragment of it, please visit my Facebook page to view it full.


AND I posted a video because I often hear a question – how do you make it? These are just a few steps-shots you’ll see in a video until the picture is done. Usually I don’t see the final picture in my head when I start but I have a thought or a vision which comes true or becomes something completely different.




While watching Creative Live almost all day long, I start to notice that I’m getting over-creative already 😀 All thoughts just keep spinning around and it’s a bit too much of information.. so I have to let some of this creativity OUT. Anywhere. This time it was kids’ dinner 😛 What’s this? Santa Rabbits! Yay! 😀

Santa Rabbits