Winter Wonderland Photo Walk

There was this day when I decided to go for a photo walk again. Unfortunately I was late for 10 minutes and missed all the group but wasn’t upset and went on a photo walk on my own 🙂 Later I realized that I was lucky because in that crowd of people if you have anyone or anything to loose – you will loose it 🙂 Finally, I changed my mind about coming here with my kids, no way…unless somebody will carry them on shoulders everywhere so they could see SOMEthing 🙂 But for a couple or a bunch of friends  – it seems a perfect place for a night out.

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The power of chestnuts

These nice things keep falling down.. I love them. Kids call them conkers. I carry one in my pocket all the time, I don’t know why, I just like to hold it in my hand. My mom said that they give a good energy to your home. I didn’t know or believe in that at first.  We almost cleared our street the other day, picked full bag of them, then made animals, cars, shapes, drumsticks..anything you could make.  Then I just scattered the rest of  the chestnuts on the floor and in a while – we had a power cut.. 😮  too much energy I guess.. 🙂 It appeared that our main electricity safety fuse “popped” out! Believe it or not.. 🙂 We’ve been living in this house for a year and never had such problems. Luckily the problem was solved in a few hours 🙂

So, for making various masterpieces you will need toothpicks or wooden sticks for barbecue and a thick needle or a tiny screwdriver to make holes and let your imagination go.. We did the London Eye, in full working condition, standing and spinning 🙂 Try, it’s fun 😉 

Skeleton story

My younger daughter (5y) says with tears in her eyes:

– I never get any rainbow points at school because I don’t know anything about Skeleton.. 😦

It was so sad I just had to do something and quickly. Well, it didn’t turn out to be so quick because I had to use what we had in our “leftovers” box, I  had to look for the names of bones myself 🙂 oh boy, some of them sound very strange in English 🙂 .. We searched online, learned, constructed carefully, bones, joints, and he came alive!  Pretty awesome model he was. Though he couldn’t move himself (he had no muscles you know..) but he had a very good heart and when I was kissing my daughter goodnight she told me:

– You know mummy, I love him.. 

And it was worth everything. We named him – The Recycled Skeleton 🙂 Don’t you think he’s got something?