I am

Hi! My name is Ausra and I’m a freelance photographer/retoucher, based in London UK but love to travel and happy to be invited to any part of the world. In short: a biologist in the past, striving photographer at the moment, ex pessimist! and a family guy on top of everything ♥

I just love to show people that they are beautiful, that life is wonderful,  love to make them smile and give a bit of self confidence and experience of something unspeakable when they watch the “stopped moment” 😉 

Feel free to contact me or leave a review about me or/and my works in a reply box below. I’d be grateful for all of your opinions! 

Būsiu dėkinga, jei brūkštelsit atsiliepimą apie mane ar/ir mano foto darbus į žemiau esantį laukelį 😉


Aušra ♥



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