Greenwich World Cultural Festival 2014

After a full-amazing-unforgettable summer I’m coming back with some exciting events I’ve recently  visited. One of them was  Greenwich World Cultural Festival 2014 where I was soaking wet with the impressions. Music, art, dance, song, poetry, circus and other things.. There you can find my photo walk around and in it.



Hairstyles with natural flowers

I wrote about this hairstyle show here. I took some time to capture these wonderful creations by Ilona (I.S. Studio).  It took her almost all day to make them. The hairdos were made  using purely fresh flowers and only a small part of them went into models’ hair. Oh.. there were so many.. When I look into the photos I want to smell them ..automatically. They looked gorgeous. Agree? Make up by Edita Juozaitienė. Click here to see more photos.


GJan’s Concert in London


GJan is an 18 year old girl – Greta from Siauliai, Lithuania. She became the very first true Lithuanian YouTube sensation by uploading her track “Not Afraid” last year. It’s got over 3 mil views so far. AND I love it! I love her voice and when I heard she’d be here in London – I did my best to get to the concert. So..when you really want something – you get it. This time – two things at a time – I enjoyed her unique voice and I made some pics though it was tough.. The Garage was smaller then I imagined and it was full of fans.. luckily I had my Moo suitcase which served as a ladder 🙂 Meet this naturally admirable and talented girl..



IMG_6242 IMG_6252 IMG_6256 IMG_6267IMG_6304


IMG_6318-Edit IMG_6384





First ever event in Norway – Miss Vestfold Lithuanian Beauty

At the beginning I would like to thank my dearest friend Ilona (IS STUDIO) who set off a sparkle to this event and was one of its organizators along with the VLB. She is an amazing person not talking about her professional hairdresser’s skills and attitude. She is the example of the I-CAN-DO-IT woman and I love her so much  .. So… it all started from Ilona’s thought to make a photo session of her and some girls who could present her unique hair styles and hair dos…she said “Ausra, come visit me, I’ve missed you so much…” and just look how far it got!  Miss Vestfold Lithuanian Beauty contest… So many people got involved and of course – a big thanks to all of them.  This event took place in Sandefjord, Norway, October 5, 2013.  A big and spacious cinema building was almost full of curious audience which later on appeared to be a friendly and warm one to all of the performers. The beautilicious contestants were brought to the event by the charming boys on their motorbikes. Later on the girls performed a dance on stage, talked about themselves, demonstrated evening gowns and wedding dresses and looked awesomely stunning ..believe me – Lithuanian girls ARE beautiful inside out. I was in the back stage. I  saw them excited and not so much, determined and scared, happy and nervous, lost and found.. but they always looked beautiful and were nice and friendly to each other 😉 Besides the beauty contest, Ensemble di nuovo choir,Muna dance and Lithuanian singer’s Mindaugas Mickevicius -Mino live performances fired up the show for sure.  My colleague Liudas Masys and I had a great time capturing the moments. It’s not a secret that a hairstyle show, held by Ilona and her team, was my favorite. I saw all the preparations and hard work put into it. There were two handsome men with their hair dyed in bright red, white and black colors, ’cause these were the core colors of IS Studio run by Ilona. And there were 4 lovely ladies with elegant, provocative and high-tuned hair dos filled with flowers or even chilly peppers. It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination , Ilona! 😉 Loved it to bits. These photos will come later. Oh, you should have seen kids’ hairstyles show! Cuty cuties.. they just bribed the audience.  The final chord sounded out loudly when a beauty princess crown laid down onto Evelina Janulionyte’s head who appeared to be the Miss Public as well. I loved what the event host said – “all of you ladies on stage are the winners because you are here, not there” – pointing to the audience 🙂 But really, when I think, it took courage to get here, especially when this was the first Lithuanian beauty contest in Norway and not many expected such a joyful and interesting event. Well done to you all! I didn’t do a thing to make this evening happen and that is why I am grateful and happy about everything.  A veryyyyy tiny bit of photos are here… looking forward to get back to London to finish and present the rest ones as this beautiful country has a strange feature – you come, you forget the internet, you “get lost” and you love it 😉 With love.. Ausra.

IMG_5217 IMG_5225 IMG_5236 IMG_5263 IMG_5275 IMG_5282 IMG_5293 IMG_5300 IMG_5321 IMG_5333 IMG_5364 IMG_5367 IMG_5376 IMG_5424 IMG_5478 IMG_5481 IMG_5486 IMG_5491 IMG_5555 IMG_5610 IMG_5624 IMG_5665

London Fashion Week and the PPQ show

I am not much of a fashionista but I do like watching ones 🙂 So, last night I had a great opportunity to visit one of the London Fashion Week shows. A big thanks to Margarita who made it possible. It was a real buzz going on there and despite the drizzle, which made me go and blow dry my hair couple of times, it was still exciting. Ok, so this post will be only about  MY point of view and my impressions. All the official stuff can be easily found on Google 😉 Well, to be honest, I didn’t know how to behave at this kind of event, what to wear, what to bring.. but I was curious! So why not? My camera was with me and my famous 2-quid flash 🙂 I was secure. This time I was afraid to be late (remembering my first fail :)) so I came…three hours earlier :)) Also I wanted to look around, watch and learn. It took a while for me to find out where and what I had to wait for but…it was just a matter of time. So, in the middle of the Somerset House, that’s where all the official venues of London Fashion Week took place, I felt so little and a little lost but for sure – happy! And I was wondering what were all these people thinking at that moment. The models who posed by the wall, the others rushing somewhere, smoking, watching the big screen showing the re-watch of the last catwalk shows here, and those who came just to show off or just went by.. I like watching people. Especially the strangers.. I don’t have to communicate with them – they don’t have time for it, I can relax, watch and capture their moments. Maybe you’ll find yourself on a spot if you were there.. 

So I waited for my colleague Sart Photography there, the rain got heavier. I was soaking wet..and cold, but still..not long to go. When she came we were ready to go inside the catwalk building, watch the PPQ show where they presented their spring/summer 2014 collection. Umm.. I won’t try to please someone by telling that I know who they are.. I told you, I don’t know anything about fashion world! I just like colors, people and good times! 🙂 But of course.. I imagined this meant something big to someone and I respect it. I even got lucky to stand close to Ellie Goulding  and realizing it later.. Beginner’s luck 😉 So, I was not surprised that to get into the catwalk show would not be so easy and we were unsure if we would get in or not until the last minute but luckily we got through and the show started in 5 minutes, lasted for 13 minutes (on the 13th of September! Friday :)) and we were asked to leave after 10 minutes 🙂 It’s so funny.. but really, sometimes you wait for something to happen for sooo long and when it happens you are not able to get it.. 🙂 This I learned earlier, that’s why I thank God for ALL my moments, waiting or not – it’s life! And it’s beautiful! Have a look 😉 You’ll find more photos on Facebook a bit later. Feel free to leave a comment. Sincerely yours..


IMG_4168 IMG_4174 IMG_4183 IMG_4192 IMG_4195
IMG_4204 IMG_4207 IMG_4210 IMG_4216 IMG_4223 IMG_4226 IMG_4229 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4240 IMG_4250
IMG_4264 IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4279 IMG_4280

IMG_4257 IMG_4282 IMG_4286 IMG_4299 IMG_4336

IMG_4337-2 IMG_4339 IMG_4347 IMG_4374 IMG_4376 IMG_4381 IMG_4389 IMG_4401 IMG_4545-2
IMG_4515 IMG_4526 IMG_4398


The results are here! Photos of the Photo Blitz Tournament

Finally, the day has come when all the photos of all photographers were revealed and put on a golden plate for judgement. If you missed my post about the Photo Blitz and what it was all about – you can read about it here. Two weeks – that’s all I had to choose and prepare my photos for the contest and actually it was not enough, I had more visions but … I’ll work on them later 😉 Introducing my photos I would like to say that I was inspired by  Brooke Shaden, when I watched her Fine Art Portraits workshop on Creative Live some time ago.  For sure, I’m into something more than photography and only time and lack of skills stops my imagination to be expressed on-screen or wall, yet 🙂 but I will reach for more.  So, even before taking part in Photo Blitz I knew that I will try “Fine Art” style  and I am happy with my very first results. It’s my first time for God’s sake! I’m excited! 😀 Finally, I was able to take the reality  and create something  that is only in my head and most of all – share it with somebody else. My husband was the first judge and he said he had some creeps at the beginning 🙂 Yes! That’s what I wanted! It took hours and hours of my time but I have no regrets because I had so much fun making these photos.  Couple of them are my favorite and I will definitely print them because you have to zoom them to see some fine details 😉 And yes! I like details! They all mean something, and I like to hide things so they are not so obvious, so take your time and maybe you’ll find something undiscovered 😉

You can VOTE for my photos by clicking LIKE under my all album HERE but first you’ll have to  join the Photo Blitz group in order to do so. The last day to vote is 28 June. There will be prizes for the best of the bests but as one lady posted – the participation in this event is the prize itself! And I agree 😉

OR even more important to me – you can watch my photos at my Facebook page and leave me a comment of what you think of any photo you like or don’t like and why. But what I am interested most is – WHAT DO YOU FEEL, when you look at it? Let me and others know! I would appreciate it so much! And this is only a glimpse of all of them: 


PHOTO BLITZ – World’s First, One-of-a-kind Event

300Today I had the most incredible opportunity to take part in this event. I will try to describe it from my point of view.  PHOTO BLITZ was a unique event for photographers, their assistants,  models, make-up artists and stylists to CREATE something that you cannot express with words. It was really mind blowing: you had to be quick, you had to challenge yourself in all ways. I was so unorganized that my assistant got lost on her way to the event, I got a last-minute nanny for my kids (oh, thank you Kathleen!), I thought I’d have a car but had to use public transport, so we were late.. all my fault.. but lucky for us we were not the only ones and started with everybody else. What happened after the first whistle – is a pure HISTORY now. I doubt that you would be able to experience more photography in one day. Ever. So, it took place in Hainault Forest, London (UK). It was organized by Brazzi Photostudio. A HUGE thanks to them 😉 I cannot imagine I could ever miss such an opportunity.  I believe it’s just the beginning.  Their ideas are awesome and I like the fact that they are open to everybody – not just a funky photographer with a stunning portfolio but also for someone like me – just dreaming about a professional photography and surely lacking a bit of a confidence (and practice of course!). AND for someone who’s maybe just started or is not sure about the start :). I appreciate smooth and benevolent communication from organizers’ side.  Ok. So, imagine, you stand in a line with other photographers, the models stand all in one line in front of you, you listen carefully for the instructions, 10 seconds to get ready, and – whistle – GO! You grab the model in front of you and run! Or go.. 😀 You pick a place, maybe a tree, a road, a creek, bushes – and start shooting. My assistant Auguste was sooo helpful. She helped me with light,  hair, other things. That was her second time as an assistant and she is getting everything already. I’m so glad she was there with me  . So you have ONLY 8 minutes before you hear the first whistle. Then you have a minute to finish your shoot and a minute to come back. Most of the time I was running back because I just couldn’t get enough of the ideas and it was a pity to leave them that way but I would get a penalty point if I was late. 10 minutes for one model. And you know? It’s amazing what you can do! It’s really like brainstorming. I had more ideas during all this event then I had in the past half a year, I think. Now I see visions for my other shoots. I know what I would do better, what else  I would use, where I would go, how I would interact with the model. It’s just amazing! There were around 20 models and I knew only one of them so it was really challenging. Firstly because you don’t have time to pre-communicate, to warm-up, to get ready.. you have to ACT here and now! Of course, the models were so helpful and most of them didn’t mind to kneel, to lay down or even grab a spiky branch, there were even falls..but ended up happily, thanks God. They dressed up as they wanted, so you didn’t have a say here – you had to take what you had and create something right away in 10 minutes time. Then you come back to where you started and get another model, and the whistle goes again.. During a 4 hour event there were only 30 minutes, divided into two breaks and a minute or so between every shoot. I had some things that I wanted to use in my shoots but I didn’t have a vision until I saw some models, they were just right for my ideas. I’m not afraid of a result – I know – I did my best and even more. I had to remember myself that it is the process that matters and it is really fun! I don’t care about the prizes. No prize will be worth what I brought home – memories, practice, some more confidence, new and future friends and I believe – a stack of awesome pics.  However, I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, especially when I had to SAY what I wanted and how I wanted it to a person I’ve just met. I counted 14 different models who were there in front of my camera, 2 of them were men.  I admit, I have hard times with men model 😀 and why am I so small after all…? Most of the women where also much higher then me. I saw someone using the ladder – this is a great idea if you have the power to carry it along.  So after 4 hours I was exhausted,  sweaty, out of breath, with some bruises on my legs, arms, BUT HAPPY. I never dreamed about something like that and I encourage everybody – step out of your comfort zone, start doing something you would never do, something you were told you would never do or something you could never imagine you CAN do. This is CREATION, just like raising a child – you do your best and you never know the result, and if your Higher Power  gave you mind and soul not for this purpose -THEN WHAT FOR?

Stay tuned for any updates and photos from this tournament. 

Sincerely yours, Ausra Marcinkus Photography.

IMG_6787 copy


Fashion Night in London

Yesterday (Friday night) I had the pleasure to challenge myself and come to a gathering of photographers, make-up artists and models, all in one place in London @ Club MM. This Fashion Night was organised by Brazzi Photostudio and Be Famous Team, great job guys! There was a full house of stylish people, a presentation of a fashion collection, created by Kristina Valanciute, house music and many more. The dress code was – “dress to impress” 🙂 unfortunately my wardrobe is far away from “impress” 😀 ha ha! But, anyways, that was not the most important thing for me, bearing in mind that I almost never shoot inside, and definitely NEVER in a club! I used a flashlight 2 years ago when I practiced during my photo course in Vilnius (LT).  So, I took this, mhm.. flashlight – it’s sooo out of date, lets call it antique 😀 , went there alone, dressed as a black widow would say, holding my lovely black suitcase which was brought to life for the second time by me (maybe I’ll put some photos of the process someday), and thought to myself – what the heck am I doing here alone?.. But..curiosity won and after the  first fail (flash for 2 quid:)) came the second one – I was late! 😀 I didn’t get any pics from a fashion collection, now that’s really funny 🙂 but I wasn’t upset. Anyway, I’m always more interested in watching others watching something and when it comes to a new experience – I’ll never push myself into the first row 🙂 So, I spent there couple of hours, met some nice people, felt quite comfortable, got the chance to practice  and to expose my suitcase 🙂 Thought, this time, I would match my photos with my overall “antique” look and, by the way, I was a bit surprised by the results ’cause they were not so bad as I expected. 

IMG_6254 IMG_6258 IMG_6261 IMG_6266 IMG_6275 IMG_6280 IMG_6294 IMG_6313 IMG_6308 IMG_6315


IMG_6298IMG_6300 IMG_6327 IMG_6334 IMG_6332

IMG_6310 IMG_6347