Greenwich World Cultural Festival 2014

After a full-amazing-unforgettable summer I’m coming back with some exciting events I’ve recently  visited. One of them was  Greenwich World Cultural Festival 2014 where I was soaking wet with the impressions. Music, art, dance, song, poetry, circus and other things.. There you can find my photo walk around and in it.



2014 Classic London Photowalk

Come along if you feel … spring is in the air… nothing too complicated.. just easy walking and having a great time. This walk started at Trafalgar square and bloomed at Classic Car Boot Sale where we had an opportunity to feel the 50’s and 60’s spirit, vintage clothes, cars…loved it to bits. Great time spent with my daughters. The pictures were taken by my daughters and me.Thanks to the organizers of

This one was taken by my 8-year-old daughter Auguste. We were lucky to catch the new weds 🙂 More photos are here.


Winter Wonderland Photo Walk

There was this day when I decided to go for a photo walk again. Unfortunately I was late for 10 minutes and missed all the group but wasn’t upset and went on a photo walk on my own 🙂 Later I realized that I was lucky because in that crowd of people if you have anyone or anything to loose – you will loose it 🙂 Finally, I changed my mind about coming here with my kids, no way…unless somebody will carry them on shoulders everywhere so they could see SOMEthing 🙂 But for a couple or a bunch of friends  – it seems a perfect place for a night out.

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