A month without the trousers starts NOW!

Recently a friend told me about the project called “May – a month without the trousers” and I promptly joined in…because normally I wear ONLY trousers.. I don’t like skirts or dresses because I feel fat when I see myself in them..I wouldn’t say that I feel skinny in jeans .. no 🙂 but I just don’t feel comfortable when my femininity can be so obvious .. this thing – a dress…makes it obvious.. I always try to hide it behind the big balls :)) which, in fact, aren’t that big at  all.. So..this month, every day, I challenge myself to wear a dress or a skirt… or anything else but the trousers or anything similar to them (except when I got to the gym :))…and I will try to DO IT for all the woman who inspired me because God created me, a woman, for a particular reason, why is it so hard to love myself as I am? Fat or skinny.. too short..too much stretchmarks..too many moles, crooked legs..  omg..I was never enough for myself and really nobody was so harsh on me as I was on myself, ever.  And it is not that easy to change what was set as a default .. but I am learning. I am trying. I already made some big steps towards and I need to move on because no person can really love others without loving him or herself. Sometimes it starts with a quiet time just for you, or a cup of coffee, or a chat with a friend, or letting go of your past.. or.. a dress 🙂 After all, I have amazing teachers all around me! This exciting month I will start dedicating my day for the most important woman in my life – my mom, who is an example of a hard-working, punctual, responsible, strong and determined but also creative, sensitive and sensible woman. So, today I will wear a dress for my mom  ❤ 

I’ll post my pictures for the following days at my Facebook page. Join me if you like the idea, send me (on Facebook or a@moophoto.co.uk)  your DRESSY pictures and a short note what makes you feel good about being a woman, who inspires you, what do you do to truly accept all of you as you are? There are so many woman lacking self confidence, you may brighten their day up or even give them the wings!  I’ll post your pictures on my Facebook page and will randomly choose one of you for a FREE PHOTO SESSION at the end of the month! 

2014 05 01 sukneliu dienos



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