A bride or an angel?

It all started from a dress.. white, sturdy sheeny bottom part and light and sheer pursed top part with laces and ribbons..Well, I have to say, when I saw this vintage dress in a boot sale – I just grabbed it and already had a vision of a photo shoot, and not long after a girl came to me and said that she wanted a photo session :)) she was just perfect, a vision obtained a form..that’s how Higher Power works for me 🙂 just trust it and everything goes easy peasy.  I still wonder is it a wedding or the Holy Sacrament dress? …anybody has a clue? Anyway.. it’s gorgeous, just like the woman wearing it. The shoot was exciting as well, we had music and lots of fun in this mysterious place where you can hardly see the end of a tree tunnel. The light was changing so fast, from dim to bright and even bursting red through little gaps between the leaves. So.. I’m looking at her and thinking – is she a bride still waiting.. ? Or an angel, just landed from above?..

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3 thoughts on “A bride or an angel?

  1. Definitely an angel who came for a short time to dazzle us all with his internal and external beauty and who has already returned to that place where only beings like them can be…

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