School’s over. Award time!

Today was the last day at school. My girls are the best. I am so proud of them! I was never that good at school, well, we never had any rewards at school after all.. I am not surprised I didn’t have much motivation to do better. My daughters are the ones to follow – they’re good at maths and science, they speak, write and read in two languages, and English – probably already better than me 😉 they LOVE to read, their writing is just awesome – for example  Auguste (my older one 7y.) writes what she learned at school: “Exaggerate – if you exaggerate , you say that something is bigger or better than it really is”… and so on.. I’m like..O M G.  And my younger one – Skirmante (6y.) got an invitation to her classmate’s birthday party and she wrote a message back to her: ” Sorry, I cannot come because I will go to Lithuania”..  So, last year she was the one to take the Pupil’s of the year award and this year our Auguste got it! I am not e-x-a-g-g-e-r-a-t-i-n-g – they ARE the best! I am so happy they love to learn and they have such great teachers Miss Gill and Mrs Walker, who supported them so much, Mrs Clancy from the last year – she still makes my girls smile and is a super warm person. I know how important is to like a teacher, then you like the subject and the school! Well, one of the main reasons I went to UNI to study Biology  was that I liked my biology teacher and I liked biology and the teacher’s approach to it  😉 So – a huge thank you to all the teachers and school workers who made school a lovable place ❤  My girls and I wanted to make something special on this occasion so we spent all evening making one of Lithuanian traditional desserts  – The Anthill! It’s not so complicated as it seems but it requires lots of time.. especially when you make it for the first time 😀 (my mum is way better than me). I could post a whole post about making it from literally beating the dough to open fire burning honey on the gas stove… 😀 yes, it’s that adventurous! If you’d fancy a recipe drop me a note 😉 And now – let the summer holidays begin!

IMG_14661 copy



IMG_0342 IMG_0407 IMG_0422-Edit IMG_0431-Edit IMG_0432-Edit




2 thoughts on “School’s over. Award time!

  1. What beautiful and talented girls you have! Thank you for the kind words and beautiful anthill! Much love to Skirmante and Auguste for a lovely summer holiday!!!! Miss Gill x

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