Embodiment of femininity

I am really blessed to meet so many interesting and beautiful people in my way of life.  Most of them – I would never thought I would have friendships with and this is amazing. I am so grateful for that! One of them is my soul mate I met a couple of years ago – Zita. She’s a charismatic woman,  a little more than 20 years wiser than me,  sometimes a chatterbox,  sometimes a loving friend,  always smiling and infecting with her laugh 😀 The last time I visited her in Cork (Ireland) I thought I would gain a six pack just being with her 🙂 No kidding, I was laughing almost all 4 days..  As you can expect from a Gemini – she’s a master of being everywhere at the same time as well!  And I wish I could look so amazing when I’ll be her age. I took one picture describing our friendship and personalities (me on the left of course 😀 ): 


and of course I couldn’t resist to capture her great personality and femininity on my camera. Thanks for being my friend 

IMG_6985 IMG_7013 IMG_7030-Edit IMG_7043-Edit IMG_7044-Edit-3 IMG_7067-Edit IMG_7087-Edit IMG_7101-Edit IMG_7118-Edit IMG_7131-Edit IMG_7241-Edit IMG_7258-Edit IMG_7287-Edit


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