Photo Books VS Prints and Digital Files

Although my computer is full of photos I still prefer prints and order them from time to time for myself to keep those memories safe – on paper. After a big loss 3 years ago when I lost about 80 GB of photos and videos and all other files inclusive  (data of about 5 years)- I promised to myself always to make some best pictures of our family life every season. You know, after that computer crash I was so upset, I couldn’t even take any photos at all for some time. I keep my dead hard drive still, here with me, because I have hope :)- MAYBE someday somehow someone will restore those files for me. I think, I still cannot let go the fact that they are lost.. all those precious moments when we were waiting for our first daughter, her first steps, words, our trips to beautiful Lithuania’s cities and villages and other sweet memories… I believe in miracles, maybe someday I’ll get everything back 😉 So for now I try not to do the same mistake again. CDs? Nope. After a while they stop working or the new programs can’t read them, so you have to rewrite them from time to time.  At the moment I’m using external hard drive, hopefully it will last for long. As I mentioned – I order prints regularly but my favorite ones are Photo Books. They are for some special occasions, photo shoots or just simply for autumn memories for example. You don’t need an album to put all the photos in, usually they are boring – all the same format, you don’t need another boring stuff – sorting, choosing, mixing them and best of all – no photo will get lost in a photo book. As I’m the computer geek person I don’t mind doing everything on screen 🙂 The difficult part is to choose a company, software where you want your photo book being made. I spent so much time on this and for now I found out that the biggest freedom of choice designing a photo book at a value price I get at Jessops. Well, I tried only “budget” ones (Vista print, Tru print, Bonus print) because I can’t spend hundreds yet 🙂  and I was pleased with the quality and communication, because I had some issues with one of my orders but they were resolved quickly. Well, you can find cheaper options but believe me, the software and designing options are way too poor when you compare. It’s a pity I don’t get any discount for promoting them but at the moment I order photo books only there and here is the EXAMPLE PHOTO BOOK of what you get. I really like this kind of book and I try to encourage people to order a book like this because it will last ages and it stands out on a shelf, you can even hang it if you want, and it looks and feels amazing! Not mentioning the feeling when you open it 😉 I just love it. We had this shoot last year and I made this photo book as a gift for Auguste so the price will be suppressed 🙂 I made a copy for myself so I could show it to others. As time goes on, I see thing differently and now I would change some things but this is the process of improvement and it’s lovely. Practice makes perfect 😉

photo book


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