Fashion Night in London

Yesterday (Friday night) I had the pleasure to challenge myself and come to a gathering of photographers, make-up artists and models, all in one place in London @ Club MM. This Fashion Night was organised by Brazzi Photostudio and Be Famous Team, great job guys! There was a full house of stylish people, a presentation of a fashion collection, created by Kristina Valanciute, house music and many more. The dress code was – “dress to impress” 🙂 unfortunately my wardrobe is far away from “impress” 😀 ha ha! But, anyways, that was not the most important thing for me, bearing in mind that I almost never shoot inside, and definitely NEVER in a club! I used a flashlight 2 years ago when I practiced during my photo course in Vilnius (LT).  So, I took this, mhm.. flashlight – it’s sooo out of date, lets call it antique 😀 , went there alone, dressed as a black widow would say, holding my lovely black suitcase which was brought to life for the second time by me (maybe I’ll put some photos of the process someday), and thought to myself – what the heck am I doing here alone?.. But..curiosity won and after the  first fail (flash for 2 quid:)) came the second one – I was late! 😀 I didn’t get any pics from a fashion collection, now that’s really funny 🙂 but I wasn’t upset. Anyway, I’m always more interested in watching others watching something and when it comes to a new experience – I’ll never push myself into the first row 🙂 So, I spent there couple of hours, met some nice people, felt quite comfortable, got the chance to practice  and to expose my suitcase 🙂 Thought, this time, I would match my photos with my overall “antique” look and, by the way, I was a bit surprised by the results ’cause they were not so bad as I expected. 

IMG_6254 IMG_6258 IMG_6261 IMG_6266 IMG_6275 IMG_6280 IMG_6294 IMG_6313 IMG_6308 IMG_6315


IMG_6298IMG_6300 IMG_6327 IMG_6334 IMG_6332

IMG_6310 IMG_6347


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