My experience in a recording studio

Yes, I was singing since I was  little. The only dream I was sure about was to stand on a stage and thanks to my mom I did it for a few years going to a choir, singing solos but..  I stopped and later just dreamed about it secretly.  I hid from myself  and ran away from some unpleasant feelings . It’s obvious, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything. Then I met a boy who was the only person who encouraged me to sing again and I could only sing karaoke looking at him – because I felt – he was there for me. I was safe with him. I’m still, he’s my husband now. I went on stage after 10 years with my first daughter – because I was too afraid to do it alone and felt something like an iceberg braking into pieces in my heart and melting away.  I realized I was frozen all that time.  I tried it few more times and I felt better every time. I don’t do it for a fame, I am not a composer, or a voice virtuoso,  I just let my self go with the music and words already created and I admire those people doing that.  Music is a big part of my life and it will always be. It’s a little too late for a stage, I think I got over it 🙂 I am happy singing at home and sometimes karaoke – it’s like walking in the fresh air early in the morning – you always forget how good it feels until you try it again.  I just want to encourage you – Don’t let YOUR dream go before it’s too late.  Do something about it NOW! I did it today! My beloved husband gave me a present – a recording session in a real professional studio ( .. it was on Christmas 2011.. Can you imagine that? How I was afraid and undetermined for more than a year.. This January I booked it two times and cancelled it.. But finally the third time I was lucky. So, it happened  today. I was so happy afterwards! Maybe only now I realize how much it meant for me, that’s why I kept on delaying. should try it. It was an amazing experience. Now I have a CD for my children so when they grow up I can tell them the same what I tell you: always listen to your HEART, do what it says now! There might be no tomorrow ❤❤❤


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