Snowy moods

At last we got to see some snow here in London. It’s funny to watch people not ready for it at all. Well, I remember it used to be a long winter back there in Vilnius. I miss it so much sometimes.  We were excited to have a bit of it here. But all the happiness about snow goes off when I get into the car.. Anyway, lots of fun for my girls guaranteed and when I look through the window, watch snowflakes slowly falling down – it just gets me. I remember home and it’s warm, safe and a bit blue inside.  

IMG_4075 IMG_4065 IMG_4059-2

And in the morning my girls made a snowman themselves. They used everything they found in a garden not asking for any ideas 🙂

IMG_2406 IMG_2411

He says – what’s up man? 😀

IMG_2409IMG_2493 IMG_2437 IMG_2445 IMG_2485


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