Victorian Schoolgirl

This is a story how Auguste turned into Evie – a Victorian Schoolgirl. Our lovely school gave us a homework which turned out to be very exciting for all of us. As always it was done the night before the right day. So, I had to start from scratch and to find a way to get my daughter a costume of a schoolgirl of Victorian Era… I started online, of course, and got my first idea here. Then I remembered that my husband has an old shirt of that dark blue color, so I used it for a dress, and I used two old under skirts of my girls’ dresses for an apron. My advice – never throw away some nice materials 😉 I am not much of a seamstress but from time to time I make something. It took a while to get friendly with that sewing machine again but after about two hours it came out better than I thought. But that was after we had to get ready Auguste’s hair for a Victorian hairdo. I don’t have any roll-ups so I  had to make them and then I found in my crafts box some leftovers from some project I never finished.. 😛 These were some tubes made of magazines, rolled and glued and they worked perfectly for the roll-ups! I cut both ends a little bit so I could put a rubber band over it and it worked. And there I was – sitting and looking at my daughter’s first “roll-up” hairdo and thought – and this is how it starts.. She was so keen to see the result I didn’t have to tell anything about going-to-sleep routine – it was done quickly and quietly 🙂 In the morning  we woke up earlier. The hairdo turned out to be awesome, the “costume”  fit her perfectly and she was jumping out of joy. I cannot mention the fact that the teachers at school were amazing – dressed as Victorian teachers with canes in their hands, shouting nervously to come in.. This was fun. Auguste came back from school with her new name – Evie and she didn’t let me touch her hair for three days :)) 


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