Lithuanian plaiting school

Thanks to my daughter’s teacher (btw she is the friendliest teacher I’ve ever met), I didn’t have to think a lot about the header of this post :). The other day when I took my girls from school she asked me – what happened to Lithuanian plaiting school?.. ’cause their hair were a bit messy and usually I plait them every day in the morning. Yes, it gets a bit boring sometimes, that’s why I do different styles. Most of them you will not see in these pictures because I just don’t have time to take them (morning, rush..) but I’ll show you some. Eventually I  started to notice that I like it a LOT. Not only plaiting, I just like to be creative on one’s head.  It all started a long time ago. I remember doing my niece’s hair as a baby and now she’s 16.. Some people ask me where I learnt it. Of course – I finished Lithuanian plaiting school! 😀 …I don’t remember, actually, I guess my mom taught me, but now you can find all kinds of tutorials online. Oh, and I like experimenting with make-up (though I can be without it for days myself 😛 ) or face painting as well 🙂  Mhm.. I should think about my make-up and hair dos portfolio, maybe 🙂 Because at the moment most of the photos were taken just for the fact that I did it, not really artistic ones 🙂 Want to be my model? I’ve got some exciting news to come! Stay with me 😉

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