Mystics in my photos of smoke

Well, I found a  link on Twitter how to photograph smoke two days ago. I read it and thought – yep, looks nice, and closed it 🙂 This morning I came to the post office and my eye was caught up with a sale of incense sticks, 50p…ok..I got to try it! And I did. Well, my light source was quite … poor 😛 but anyway I’ve never tried photographing smoke before and it was fun. I could barely breath in this small room on the floor but the smell was really nice and let me experiment. I used the highest ISO so there was much noise and I am not a pro of this thing and that was just for fun but when I went through the pics on my lap I was quite amazed, I saw faces and animals everywhere 🙂 a bit creepy? Well, I have to say that I’ve never taken a picture of St.Mary myself arising from the smoke..that was the first thought when I saw it :O I called my husband and told him quietly- I’ve just taken a picture of St.Mary..or an angel..he laughed of course but not for too long. Well, I’m still smiling 🙂 

Have a look at some of my other photos from the smoke session. Click on the image to enlarge (Likes, comments appreciated 😉 )


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